Gain Control over future Network Quality and Predict Network Bottlenecks !

Foresee any Network Capacity Breaches and Congestion way before they occur and take Proactive Actions to prevent them from ever happening.

ML Analytics Suite for Proactive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics !

Olympus, an AI and ML driven Cloud Native Augmented Analytics Suite that combines Proactive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics in a unified Platform. Some of the Key Areas of AI making an Impact in the Telecom Domain are: a) Traffic Classification, b) Anomaly Detection and Prediction, c) Resource Utilization and Network Optimization and d) Network Orchestration.

Augmented Analytics Suite

  • Olympus AI/ML Solution aids in Future Network Behaviour Predictions and Real Time Anomaly Detection. Capable of modelling Pipelines across various Domains and Vendors in real time to identify Potential Bottlenecks in the Network is a game changer in providing Proactive Insights to the Communications Service Providers (CSPs).
  • The unique Multi-Cloud Deployment provides capability to manage the Data Source on one Cloud Provider and to deploy the Solution on another Cloud Provider in order to maintain flexibility, accountability, security and control over the Cloud Environments.

Network Performance Prediction and Capacity Planning

  • Olympus Network Capacity Forecasting and Planning enables the Operator to proactively plan the Capacity needs across the Network and can avoid Network Performance Failure which in turn affects OPEX and CAPEX. Network Capacity is forecasted with Advanced Machine Learning Models along with the Pattern intelligence of every Device and their associated Ports in the Network.
  • Each Network Device and their Interfaces for each KPI across different Domains and Vendors are modelled by extracting their Pattern, Seasonality and subjected to the different Machine Learning Models for forecasting the long-term trends of each Network Device and their Ports/interfaces.

Real Time Anomaly Detection

  • Olympus Anomaly Detection leverages Machine Learning Models to identify any Network Outliers and to notify the respective Teams on the Abnormal Patterns in the Network Behaviour.
  • These Patterns include Unexpected Drops, Sudden Surge in KPI Metrics, Packet Discards or Reduced Load at Constant Volumes.
  • It provides a correlation between different KPIs where the User can set certain triggers values to be notified when a certain deviation is reached.