Bird's Eye View of the Network across Multiple Domains in a Holistic Network Connectivity Visualization.

Automated End to End Network Topology

  • Minerva, the End to End Network Topology helps in bridging the Silos currently present in the Network across multiple Domains. It enables visualization of inter-domain connectivity across both the Physical as well as the Service Layers.
  • Minerva Network Topology enables to superimpose the Real Time Analytics Information such as Performance, Fault, Device Panel Information on top of the Connectivity to identify the root cause of any network issues. Increase capacity in a proactive manner by determining where network congestion may arise. Drilldown to the level of the affected device and see the impact on other devices.

Enhanced Troubleshooting and Reduced MTTR

  • Enabling Holistic Visibility into the Network Metrics through correlation of Performance Metrics, License and Capacity Information, TCA Alerts, Fault Alarm Details enabling faster RCA and shorter MTTR.
  • Intelligent Recommendations leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models to clearly identify the Gaps in the current Network Implementation.
  • Intelligent Predictions of Network Bottlenecks that could potentially occur in the near future through Preventive Analytics.

Seamless Drill-down and Root Cause Identification

  • Seamless Drill-down from Network, Region, Cluster, Node, Slot, Card, Port Level Analysis.
  • Rich Multi-Layer Visualization enables precise Root Cause Identification specific to Domains.
  • Enabling to conduct Network Audit and implement Improvement Plan from the findings obtained through the Gap Analysis Reports.
  • Aids in identification of Capacity Congestion in Radio and Transport Layers based on the Real Radio and Transport Conditions of the Network.