CanGo Networks joins VIAVI Solutions, Inc.

A global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, government, and avionics.

All-in-One Platform for Next-Gen Networks EDGE/MEC, IoT Cloud aspect of 5G on a Single Platform!

Leveraging Closed Loop Automation and Zero Touch Ops, excellent QoS and faster RCA to achieve superior 5G customer Experience.

CanGo Product Portfolio!


Service Assurance

Holistic Network Performance Monitoring & Service Assurance Solution that enables to Analyze, Monitor and Alert on the Network.

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Inventory Management

Zeus Network Inventory Management System discovers Real Time Network Assets across Active (Physical & Virtual) and Passive Devices.

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AI/ML Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered ML Solution delivers Proactive Network Insights on the Behaviour enabling optimized Planning and Operations.

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Fault Intelligence

Proactively Categorize, Group and Classify Alarms into Meaningful Incidents and deriving Probable Root Cause which aids in decreasing the MTTR.

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End-to-End Topology

Leverage a Bird's Eye view of the Network spread across Domains, Vendors and Technologies in a holisitic Network Connectivity Visualization.

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Network Orchestration

Improve Operational Efficiency, Reduce Time to Market for Services, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through Automated Workflow Executions.

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Seamless Management of IP Addresses and Switch Ports for efficient Monitoring, Diagnosing, and Troubleshooting of IT and Telco Resources.

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Intelligent Observability

Observability at scale for Cloud native Workloads helps in End-to-End Distributed Tracing, Optimized Performance and Efficient Collaboration.

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Who Are We?

Streamline the Complex, Deliver the Finest

In the Exponentially expanding world, the demand for networking also increases, which in turn sees a growth in the Network Elements.

  • Patented End-to-End Network Topology.
  • Network Monitoring & Service Assurance.
  • Proactive Alerting & Predictive Analytics.
  • Network Orchestration & Closed Loop Automation.

Reactive Analytics

Real Time Dashboards and Reports for seamless Operations.


Proactive Analytics

Proactive Anomaly Detection highlighting Network Outliers.


Predictive Analytics

Network Prediction & What-If Simulation to foresee Capacity needs.


Prescriptive Analytics

Probable Root Cause Identification and Closed Loop Automation.

Our Strategy

CanGo's Analytics Journey towards bridging the Silos

We set out in establishing a Bridge between the Network Inventory and Network Service Assurance to seamless traverse through the Root Cause of the Problem. It was achieved leveraging the Patented End to End Network Topology that seamlessly stitches the gap between the Inventory and the Assurance world.

Bridging the Silos has helped to achieve faster Probable Root Cause Analysis and their associated Recommendations based on our Intelligent AI/ML Engine .

Our Solution is seamlessly integrated across 3 Domains covering the Mobility, Cloud and the IT world into a single holistic Network Platform aiding diverse Networks Teams in easing their day-to-day Operations.

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