Audigo IP Address Manager

A centralized user interactive Network Discovery and Analysis Tool for both IPv4 and IPv6 Sub Network. Offers a centralized IPAM, DHCP and DNS solution which caters to all of the IP Address Management requirements of the Organization.

Intelligent Auto Discovery and IP Request Management

  • AudiGo's Auto Discovery feature discovers the Subnets (IPv4 and IPv6) and devices available in the network via Telnet or SNMP. Scheduled Network scans help maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of available IP addresses and devices.
  • Ticketing System manages the Ticket requests raised for Allocation and Release of IP/Subnet/Device/Ports. Admin can accept or reject the Requests based on IP Availability.
  • AudiGo offers discovery and management of both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets along with their associated VRF, VLAN and the Region under which the subnets might be under.

Network Forensic analysis and Report Construction manager

  • AudiGo's User Behavior monitoring through NetFlow, sFlow, Web Traffic Monitoring and analysis of logs gives extra levels of insights into the functioning and usage of the user. AudiGo also provides orchestration of the network through Configuration Management, Server, VM and Container Management.
  • Report Builder enables user based customized reports. AudiGo provides default reports of IPv6, IPv4, VLAN, VRF utilization and Network Performance Parameters such Bandwidth, Jitter, Threshold Alerts. Reports can be scheduled on a demand basis.

Interactive lookup and extractor

  • AudiGo offers Network Search for VLAN, VRF, IPs and Devices that are breaching Threshold. It's Conditional Search uniquely identifies the Network Information easier and quicker. Results can be exported in Excel and CSV formats.
  • Any Deviation in the Threshold Values in the Network can automatically generate Alerts throBOTS. AudiGo BOTS offers various Communication Channels such as Twitter, Slack, Email, SMS, Messenger, Skype, etc.