AI powered Fault Analytics Suite with Intelligent Incident Classification !

ML Analytics Suite for Proactive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics .

Intelligent Fault Correlation and Incident Classification

A Centralized Intelligent Framework for Managing Faults and Alarms in Complex Network Environments which aids in analyzing both the Historic and Live Alarms, the Framework automatically suggests Intelligent Groupings, Clustering, Correlations, and tags the Potential root-cause among them.

Proactively Identify Network Problems and predict their Potential Impact on Services and enable Corrective Measures and Maintenance Planning to prevent Future Problems.

Detection, Notification and Recommendations

  • Detect the Alarms, Isolate and Notify only the actionable Incidents to Operations for Resolution.
  • By analyzing both Historic and Current alarms, automatically suggests Groupings and Correlations, and tags the potential Root-Cause among them.
  • Proactively identify network problems and predict their potential impact on services and enable corrective measures and maintenance planning to prevent future problems.
  • With RCA, identify the underlying causes of an Incident to identify and implement the most effective solutions.

Early Warning Detection

  • A Configurable Rule Engine which facilitates the Engineers to define the Rules to be followed as part of Alarm Classification, Incident Generation and Ticket Triggers.
  • Early Warning Detection provides Insights on possible Failure that could potentially occur in the Network and affect the Overall Service Performance.
  • Similar Alarms are grouped based on the Alarm Context, Inventory, Topology, Site Location & Time and generate an Incident.
  • Ability to predict Potential Impact of Incidents on Sites, Subscribers, Revenue and enabling Corrective Measures to prevent Future Network Problems.
  • Automatic Clearing of Outstanding Alarms when a corresponding Clear Code Alarm is been received.

Auto Remediation and Intelligent Actions

  • The Auto Remediation enables to generate Incidents based on the Clustering Algorithms and creates Tickets according to the Incident Severity.
  • These Tickets are directly assigned to the Site Engineers who are at the closest proximity to the Site at the instance of time.
  • The System also incorporates the Probable Root Cause Insights which enables to identify the potential Root Causes that could have caused the Incident to have occurred in the first place.
  • The System can intelligently Recommend Actions that could be taken to subside the Incident causing Alarms levering the Automation Framework to take Real Time Preventive Actions.